Get In The KREW

Technically golf is an individual sport, but we at KREW Golf believe it is the greatest group sport out there and is meant to be played with your friends, family, or even the random pairings you may join on the course. Golf has a magical way of bringing people together. So while your score is based on your individual abilities, the fun is in being out there with your KREW.

Our Mission

It is this blend of individuality and camaraderie that inspired us to start KREW Golf. At KREW we specialize in creating handcrafted custom putters, ball markers, and divot tools (with more to come!).  The customization options allow you to express your individuality on the course, but are really intended to bring you and your KREW together. When you first uncover your custom putter on the course, we want your golf buddies to be inspired and to  inquire about the story behind why you chose that custom design. See, it’s all about building that bond of your KREW. In fact, our founders met on the golf course, and it was their shared passion for the game that KREW Golf was forged out of. 

KREW Golf Founders

Our founders Nick and Jordan are the perfect example of how this incredible sport can bring people together. Nick grew up playing baseball but found a career as a Professional Long Driver and has appeared on the Golf Channel and at the World Championships. When a hand injury sidelined him for a while, he turned to his other passion – art – and started refurbishing putters and wedges. Jordan has been an avid golfer since he was ten-years-old. His background and expertise is in business and manufacturing. When the pair met in 2020, they quickly became good friends and over time, decided the two could put their skill sets together to design and manufacture custom putters and accessories. The first KREW Golf putter left the shop in April 2021.